Crafting Corn

Crafting Corn

Traditional Symbols of Good Luck,Blessing and Love

From the earliest times shapes have been created from the materials available to protect from evil spirits or to promote luck


Arabic cages are the oldest known examples of wheat weaving. They have been found throughout the Arabic WorldTraditional they are this rectangular figure. Sometimes know as 'The Comb'. They would be hung from front doors as a charm to protect the crops and to ensure good luck.
In arabic it is called a house blessing


Welsh Fan/ Harvest House Blessing
This design found in the border counties of England had a similar purpose to the cage, to protect/bless the house where it was found.



Himmeli go by lots of different names in different countries. For example there are Pajaki’s in Russia, Puzuris in Latvia, then there are Sodas, Oro, Pajak, Pavuks, Halmkrona and Pulmakroon.
In Belarus, they are called Spiders The spider was suspended from the ceiling and it's web could be seen upon the walls and ceiling, as it spun it gathered all the negative energy in the room. At the end of the year it had attracted so much negative energy that it had to be destroyed and a new one made.


There are lots of different beliefs in different countries but essentially if the shape is moving it is believed to be cleaning the air.  If a Himmeli were hung above children’s cribs, it was understood to protect the child from illness and evil forces. If it were hung at a wedding feast in front otf the newly weds it would supposedly bring happiness and good fortune.
Perhaps more relevant is the theory that ventilation is good for you. If a room is well ventilated some movement of a mobile is to be expected.  


Hearts are recognised as symbols of love, charity, joy compassion across all cultures. Most houses display a heart somewhere.... but where did they originate....


One of the theories suggests that the origin of the heart symbol can be traced back to an ancient plant called silphium. It didn't look much but it produced a sap that had endless uses and tasted so delicious that it was worth it's weight in gold. 
One of its uses was in the bedroom where it was drunk as an aphrodisiac and applied to 'purge the uterus'. It may well have been the very first effective method of birth control.
  It's seed are heart shaped so that's thought to be the reason why we associate it with romance today.

An ankh

An ankh is a symbol like a cross with a loop on the topThe ankh or key of life is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol used in Egyptian art and writing to represent the word for "life".  
Often it is seen as a symbol of life.


Glory Braids

Sweep away the evil spirits and friends will come. Glory braids are very old designs and are basically variations on hair plaits. In the old Devonshire there was a saying:' To have a house filled with friends is a glory indeed.'
For others the glory braid represents the 12 Apostles of Jesus. This design was often used to decorate pew ends at harvest time and so the designs were for 'The Glory of God'. 


A Swan

A swan is a symbol of Good Fortune, beauty and grace.
This example was made during the Coronation weekend.
Historically, all unmarked swans belong to the Monarch. The killing of a swan is an act of High Treason and punishable by a trip to the Tower of London.